EGMC Terms-of-service

The EZJobs Guerilla Marketing Challenge (hereby EGMC) is a marketing contest conceptualized, organized and run by EZJobs. All students and participating teams entering the competition expressly agree that all intellectual property rights and copyrights in the submission belong solely and exclusively to EZJobs. 

The submission of entries to the EGMC signifies that:

  • You allow the EZJobs leadership to evaluate and judge your submissions
  • You allows EZJobs to securely send the plan to external judges for evaluation
  • You consent that the decisions taken by EZJobs in everything related to EGMC throughout the length of the contest is final and binding.   


  • The contest entries start on July 17. The last date of submission for EGMC plans by participating teams is September 8, 23:59 IST.
  • The event is a team-only event. Every member of the team must be a full-time student. There is no need to take permissions from your course lecturer to enter the event. 
  • One team can make a submission of only one EGMC plan. If a team sends multiple entries, only the first valid entry will be considered. An individual can in no event be a part of more than one team. 
  • The team size is a minimum of 3 people and a maximum of 5 people can be a part of the team. Multiple teams from the same institution can participate for the EGMC. 
  • EGMC plan entries must be submitted between July 17 and September 8. The entries can include an elevator pitch video (maximum 7 minutes), a summary (not more than 500 words) and a 15-page/slide Guerilla Marketing Plan. Refer to the EGMC page to know more.
  • The plans should be the sole work of the teams and must not have infringed or attempted to infringe upon the intellectual property or copyright of any third party.
  • EZJobs is not and will not be held responsible for EGMC plans that are lost or damaged or incomplete because of problems pertaining to electronic transmissions. 


  • The judging criteria for the 20 shortlisted EGMC plans has been mentioned in detail on the EGMC page. The most effective and creative plans will be considered for the pitching day contest. The EZJobs leadership is under no obligation to furnish individual feedback to any EGMC team or plan that is not shortlisted for the pitching contest. 
  • The judging process involves a detailed review by the EGMC/EZJobs leadership between September 8 and September 29. The 20 shortlisted teams will be judged by the EZJobs leadership as well as external judges on the pitching day contest to be held in Hyderabad, India.
  • The shortlisted EGMC teams will be notified by both phone and email. Unsuccessful teams/plans will be notified by emails only. 
  • EZJobs will not pay any travel expenses to the shortlisted finalists toward their travel to Hyderabad. We request the participants to optimistically  book their tickets to Hyderabad well in advance. 
  • The results will be announced on the same day as the pitching day contest, which is September 29, 2019. EZJobs will not pay any payment or reimbursement toward travel or accommodation should the finalists choose to stay overnight. Participants may please make their own arrangements toward the same end. 
  • The winning team will receive a prize of INR 100,000 divided between the members of the team. The runners-up will receive a cash prize of INR 50,000 divided between the members of the team. 
  • Other perks for winners like internships, job placements and EZJobs stock options are subject to further interviews, negotiations and other parameters solely decided by EZJobs. 
  • If you are one of the top 3 finalists, you may receive budgets to execute your own marketing plan. This is again subject to negotiations and other parameters solely under the discretion of EZJobs.
  • By participating in the contest, you agree to participate in any post-competition publicity that may include comments made to press or featuring in blogs/newsletters and marketing pitches/ads by EZJobs.
  • The promoter of the competition is EZJobs.

The EZJobs Guerilla Marketing Challenge is the most awaited marketing challenge out there with students from top India’s top schools.

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